Saturday, May 17, 2014

Poetry Is Me

The hand that calms my soul.
I am poetry
The brush that paints my feelings.
Poetry is in me
The language I speak with no boundaries.
Poetry is me, I am poetry, poetry is in me.

Poetry is my life
The journey that embellishes my being.
In my veins, poetry is flowing
The fluid that invigorates my spirit.
Poetry is my voice
The utterance that adorns my lips.
Poetry is my life, it is my voice, poetry flows in my veins.

Poetry is my song
The verse I hum to creation.
Poetry is my cry
The tears that flow from deep within my spirit.
Poetry is my smile
The joy that stems from the core of me.
Poetry is my smile, I sing poetry, poetry is my cry. 
How is this for a great first poem! On this blog I'll post poems that I've read, reviews of poetry books, poems I've written and more!